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Arturia Analog Laboratory

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Arturia Analog Laboratory
Arturia Analog Laboratory

Arturia Analog Laboratory

Analog Laboratory ist ein umfangreiches Software-Synthesizer-Workstation-Flaggschiff. Mit 3500 Sounds eine ordentliche Palette an klassischen Analogsynthesizer-Sounds von „Moog“ bis „Jupiter 8“.


  • Includes 3500 synth sounds carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths: Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, CS-80V, ARP 2600 V, Prophet V, Prophet VS and Jupiter-8V
  • Fast filter the presets to your requirements: by Instrument (Minimoog, CS-80, ARP 2500...), by Type (Bass, Pads, leads...) and by Characteristics (hard, soft, complex, simple, short, long..)
  • In-depth Preset Editing available for the owners of the Arturia Classic Synthesizers (Minimoog V, CS-80 V, etc.). Edit your sounds on the original instruments within Analog Laboratory
  • 200 Scenes organized by musical genres offering complete live sets, including assigning sounds to pads, splitting sounds over the keyboard and an advanced arpeggiator
  • Straight forward editing with a complete array of parameters for tweaking sounds
  • Easy midi learn assignation to any MIDI keyboard controller
  • Works as a standalone or a plugin within your main sequencer

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