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Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine

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Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine  
Die neue Drummachine von Arturia trägt den Namen Spark und vereint analoge Vintage-Drumcomputer, samplebasierte Beat-Boxes und hochwertige Akustik-Drums. In Verbindung mit dem intuitiven Hardware-Controller gibt Ihnen Spakr ein völliges neues Drum-Spiel-Erlebnis.

Features Spark:

  • Pristine quality sound engines including : TAE® Analog synthesis, Multi layered sampling delivered by reference third-party companies, Physical modelling
  • 480 Instruments / 30 Kits:
    • Vintage drum machines: Analog recreations in the spirit of the TR-808, TR-909, Simmons SDS-V, and Eprom based LinnDrum, Drumtraks, DMX
    • Electronic kits covering the most popular modern music styles: Dub, House, Techno, Hip Hop, RnB… as well as experimental fields thanks to the physical modelling engine
    • Acoustic drum kits subtly mixing physical modelling and samples for high audio realism
  • 16 key – 64 step sequencer
  • 8 velocity & pressure sensitive pads
  • Touch sensitive FX Pad with Repeat, Tape, Reverse, Strobe, Pan, Mix, 3 mode Filter and Roller
  • Advanced Loop mode with divide and move functions
  • Real-time automation on all parameters
  • 16 track mixer with 9 high quality effects : compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multiband EQ, chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, plate reverb
  • Song Mode with up to 64 patterns by song
  • Shuffle and Shift modes to humanize grooves
  • Assignable encoders
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Works as a universal MIDI controller towards any third-party software

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