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Ashdown Klystron 500 Head Bass Vollröhre

Ashdown Klystron 500 Head Bass Vollröhre
Ashdown Klystron 500 Head Bass Vollröhre
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Ashdown Klystron 500 Topteil Bass Vollröhre 

Proudly built in the UK, the Classic Series is Ashdown’s flagship bass amp range. Comprising of 500 and 1000-watt Klystron heads, a selection of cabinets and a range of 500-Watt combos, the Classics are about doing everything better – more volume, more dynamics, an extended frequency range and greater versatility.

The 575-Watt Klystron 500 head features a single input is switchable for passive and active instruments with a blend of solid state and dual triode tube preamps stages. Three straightforward rotary tone controls provide 20dB of cut and boost at 60Hz, 660Hz and 5kHz, and are supplemented by two pairs of additional sliders giving 15dB cut and boost at 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3kHz and 2.6kHz. A built-in dual band compressor acts separately on the high and low frequency components of the signal to provide precise control, while the on-board sub-harmonic generator turns the Classics into powerhouses of tone.

The inclusion of a 4-way footswitch as standard makes Ashdown Classic amongst the most versatile live performance bass amps in the business, providing control over the compressor, sub-harmonic generator, tube grind and EQ pre-shape.

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