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Crate BX-115E Bass-Box

Crate BX-115E Bass-Box
Crate BX-115E Bass-Box
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  • Output Power Rating: 150 Watt Power Handling 
  • Speaker Size and Rating: One ProBass American 15" Speaker 
  • Size and Weight: 20.5" 24" 15.5"
  • Showroom Modell

Providing straight ahead solid bass tone, the Crate BX bass series have been designed to for the practicing and performing professional musician. Featuring one Crate 15" bass driver, the BFX115E delivers pure bass tone with power and precision. An 8 band graphic EQ lets users configure their favorite sound, plus special features like a limiter, effects loop, and XLR Pre/Post line out with level assure your sound comes through clearly at every show. With professional tone and power, the BX115E is preferred by pro players in search of a rock solid bass rig.

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