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DiMarzio Virtual Acoustic DP138 BK

DiMarzio Virtual Acoustic DP138 BK
DiMarzio Virtual Acoustic DP138 BK
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DiMarzio Virtual Acoustic DP138

The Virtual Acoustic™ uses the same technology as the Virtual Vintage® line to create a pickup that's practically noise-free—even compared to humbuckers. The sound is both warm and open, reproducing the natural dynamics and tonality of steel-string guitars and enabling the Virtual Acoustic™ to capture the character of the particular instrument it's mounted in. Like the Super Natural Plus™, the Virtual Acoustic™ installs easily with foam-insulated mounting brackets, which can be cut down in order to accommodate guitars with smaller soundholes. Twelve adjustable pole pieces allow precise string balance. It also has a volume control with a compensated tone network—to minimize tone changes when the volume is adjusted—and a 12-foot cable.

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