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Duesenberg Rocket II in Black/White Tremolo

Duesenberg Rocket II in Black/White Tremolo
Duesenberg Rocket II in Black/White Tremolo
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Duesenberg Rocket 2 in Black&White mit Tremolo

The New Duesenberg Rocket II has taken off. The classic rock look has been even more perfected. We have taken our Duesenberg Design and have melded it into the pure rage of heavy rock creating the classic look on a guitar that will truly launch you out of sight. The Rocket crunches out the tones through our custom Humbuckers that only Duesenberg can give. The DRK II continues with the classic art-deco design using our vintage 25,5” scale. Every bit of this guitar meets out highest standards. 

  • Pickups:
    Custom Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbucker and Crunchbucker 
  • Controls:
    Master Volume,
    Master-Multi Tone,
    3-Way Pickup Selector (Output jack is conveniently placed) 
  • Body:
    Arched Solid Maple
    Top and American
    Alder Body, Body
    size: 53 x 42,5
    x 4,1cm / 20.87”
    x 16.7” x 1.61”
  • Hardware:
    Aluminum Tailpiece,
    Duesenberg Bridge with Steel Saddles,
    Outstanding Tremolo Version available.
    New Duesenberg Z-Tuners


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