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E-MU Proteus X2 mit Midi-Interface

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E-MU Proteus X2 mit Midi-Interface
E-MU Proteus X2 mit Midi-Interface

E-MU Proteus X2 mit Midi-Interface

PROTEUS X2 incl. 2in/2out USB-Midi Interface


  • Proteus X2 Software/Operation Manual CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide for Proteus X2
  • Four Sound CD-ROMs
  • E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface


  • Powerful synthesis with over 50 patented Z-Plane filters and 100 tempo-based parameters per preset
  • Standalone (64 MIDI channels) or VSTi operation (16 MIDI channels per instantiation)
  • 24-bit/192kHz Sound Engine supports RAM and streaming playback
  • Integrated effects processors with comprehensive MIDI modulation - up to 67 simultaneous effects
  • 2 in/2 out USB MIDI interface included
  • Massive 3GB sound library (1000s of presets including the complete Proteus 2000 soundset) - additional soundsets available

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