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EMG HZ S4 Pickup

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EMG HZ S4 Pickup
EMG HZ S4 Pickup

EMG S4 Pickup HZ-Serie Tonabnehmer

  • Twin-Rail Single-Coil
  • Passiver, hochohmiger Tonabnehmer
  • 2 nebeneinanderliegende Spulen, geschlossenes Gehäuse
  • Keramik-Magnete, Agressiver Ton
  • Normale Ausgangsleistung (6,7 kOhm)
  • Fette Bässe, knackige Höhen, langes Sustain
  • EMG-Logo Silber

The S4 has a "rail" design with side-by-side coils, a ceramic magnet, and a solid cover cap. It's not overwound like most rail pickups, for beefier low-end and midrange, but has the crisp highs of a traditional single-coil pickup. Great for heavy rock. All HZ Pickups have EMG's exclusive 5-wire quik-connect output allowing any number of wiring combinations, and are fully shielded for a minimum of noise. String grounding is recommended to further decrease noise.

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