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EMG JV Jazz Bass Pickup Set

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EMG JV Jazz Bass Pickup Set
EMG JV Jazz Bass Pickup Set

EMG JV Jazz Bass Pickup Set

  • Design und Ton klassischer Single-Coils
  • Sichtbare AlNiCo V Magnete
  • Set SJV Hals- und LJV Stegtonabnehmer
  • Passend für Standard Jazz-Bass Fräsung
  • Nur für 4-Saiter
  • Komplett mit Potis, Schaltbuchse und Batterieclip
  • EMG-Logo Gold

The JV uses a mixture of old, new, and late model design ideas and was developed to deliver the classic tone and look of the traditional Jazz Bass*. It still maintains the "faded" attack of the offset pole pieces in combination with our lowest noise preamp. The EMG-JV should appeal to the "retro" in you, while the coil and electronic design will convince you that this is a pickup to be seriously considered.

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