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EMG LJ Jazz Bass Steg-Pickup

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EMG LJ Jazz Bass Steg-Pickup
EMG LJ Jazz Bass Steg-Pickup

EMG LJ Pickup für J-Bass Stegposition

  • Stegtonabnehmer des EMG J Sets
  • Passend für Standard Jazz-Bass Fräsung
  • Auch für 5-Saiter bis 69,8 mm Saitenfeld
  • Komplett mit Potis, Schaltbuchse und Batterieclip

Also available as a separate unit, the EMG-LJ is the longer of the two pickups in the EMG-J Set and is usually located in the bridge position. The EMG-LJ has a full bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Featuring a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response, the EMG-LJ still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical Jazz Bass tone.

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