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EMG MMCS Humbucker Music Man

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EMG MMCS Humbucker Music Man
EMG MMCS Humbucker Music Man

EMG MM-CS Humbucker für Music Man Bässe  

  • Humbucker mit Keramik- und Stahlmagneten
  • EMG Logo silber
  • aktiver Austauschtonabnehmer für Music Man Bässe
  • Keramik- und Stahlmagnete für transparente Höhen und warme, kraftvolle Bässe.
  • Komplett mit EMG's Quik-Connect™ Anschluss, Potis, Schaltbuchse, Batterie-Clip und Schrauben

The MM-CS is a direct replacement pickup for the Music Man Bass. Music Man’s introduction of the large profile pickup changed bass playing forever. The dual-coil MM-CS has wide spread bobbins (1 inch) combined with a large coil surface area that gives the EMG-MMCS a most amazing bass tone. Utilizing EMG’s popular CS (Ceramic and Steel) Design the MM-CS is agreat mixture of design, with ceramic magnets for a transparent high end with steeladded to increase the inductance for a powerful and warm low-end. It’s easy to get great clean tone, but it can also warm up for a great ballad. If you are looking for a bass pickup with a thunderous low-end, this is it.

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