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EMG T-Set Pickup SET für Telecaster weiß

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EMG T-Set Tonabnehmer SET für Telecaster in weiß

  • Komplettes Telecaster-Set
  • Modell FT in Halsposition, Modell RT am Steg
  • AlNiCo Magnete für warme Mitten
  • Komplett mit Potis, Schaltbuchse und Batterieclip
  • EMG-Logo Gold

The EMG-T is our two pickup replacement system for Telecaster* guitars. Designed with Alnico magnets, the EMG-T puts the EMG fullness and broad bandwidth into the Telecaster that it never had. The rhythm pickup (EMG-FT) is undoubtedly the best pickup we make. All the elements are in the right proportion; magnet choice, coil size, amount of turns, and good luck have given the EMG-FT the sweetest sound of any EMG. Each of the EMG-T Pickups are fully noiseless without the typical hum, buzz or microphonic squeal.

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables (2), prewired control set including volume, tone, 3-way selection switch, output jack, and battery clip, screws & springs.

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