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Engl E 355 C Classic 50 Head Reverb

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Engl E 355 C Classic 50 Head Reverb
Engl E 355 C Classic 50 Head Reverb

Engl Classic Head Reverb E 355 C E-Gitarren Topteil 

50 Watt Vollröhre mit 2 KanÀlen. Mit dem E-355 ist eigentlich alles möglich - von feinen Clean-Sounds bis hin zu sustainreichem Soloton. Eben echtes Vintage-Feeling.

Features E355 Classic Head:

  • Preamp:
    2 channels, Lo Gain/Hi Gain, single 3 band EQ, 2 reverb
    settings (one for each channel), Bright switch, Depth switch, 3 x ECC 83 preamp tubes.
  • Master section:
    Master 1/2, V.L.S. (two different master volumes), 50 watts (1 x ECC 83, 2 x 5881 power amp tubes)
  • Outputs:
    Balanced recording out ñ frequency compensated, level pot, adjustable fx loop (parallel to serial), speaker out
    (2 x 8, 2 x 16 Ohms, 2 dual footswitch jacks (Z-3/Z-4).
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    58 x 27 x27 cm, 23 kg

Vintage tone connoisseurs, who like to play with warm shimmering clean sounds and want to cut through with a warm fat sustain singing lead tone make the right choice to rely on our Classic Head. The amp delivers soundscapes appreciated by Jazz players, Bluesrockers and any other guitarist who likes raunchy sounds with a cool vintage amp design. Beneath up to date features like fx loop and channel switching the Classic head delivers 100 % convincing vintage tube tones.

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