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Engl E 580 Midi Tube Pre Amp

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Engl E 580 Midi Tube Pre Amp
Engl E 580 Midi Tube Pre Amp

Engl E 580 Midi Tube Preamp

Engl bringt mit dem E580¬†einen voll pogrammierbaren R√∂hrenpreamp der Extraklasse heraus - 256 Programme, 40 Presets, Stereo FX Loop, RS232-Steuerung √ľber PC.

Features E-580:

  • Preamp: MIDI programmable all tube guitar preamp, 4 x ECC 83 preamp tubes, 40 factory presets (10 Clean, 10 Crunch, 10 Rhythm, 10 Lead sounds), switches: Programm up/down, Manual Mode, write/copy, Hi/Lo Gain, 4 band EQ, modern/classic mode, Bright, Bottom, Ultra Bright, Contour, stereo fx loop, Channel volume, Master volume.
  • Outputs: MIDI In/Out/Thru, PC remote control, fx loop mono send, stereo return, out left out right, 0dB-10dB level switch, stereo frequency compensated line out with level control.
  • Ma√üe und Gewicht: 48 x 8,8 x 35 cm, 9,5 kg

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