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Engl E 642 Invader 100 Head

Engl E 642 Invader 100 Head
Engl E 642 Invader 100 Head
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Engl Invader 100 Topteil E 642
Vollröhre, 100 Watt, 4 getrennte Kanäle, 4x EL34 Röhren, midifähig - sehr flexibler Amp

Channel 1: Silken Clean to Crispy Crunch
Channel 2: Fat & Bulky Crunch to NU- Rock / Metal Rhythm / Lead
Channel 3: Tight Warm Crunch to Classic Dynamic Rock / Metal
Channel 4: Modern Crunch to Singing Harmonic Leads

Features E642:

  • 8 different gain stages
  • 4 different EQs
  • 100 watts of EL 34 power amp tubes
  • 2 FX Loops
  • Noise Gate
  • Midi switchable features (Bright / Hi Lo gain / Noise Gate, FX loops, Standby, Master A / B) are now switchable with Midi controller commands (CCs)
  • Bright switch now for all channels available.
  • Tuner Out / Mute Via Stanby switch
  • Master Section:
    100 watts (4 EL 34 tubes), Master A / B switch, Presence and Depth Punch control for poweramp soundshaping, Electronic Tube Protection circuit and powertube monitoring system.
  • Outputs:
    Midi IN / THRU, jack for ENGL Z-9 Footswitch, jack for ENGL Z-4 / Z-3 Footswitch, 2 x FX Send, 2 x FX Return, 2 x FX Balance, Preamp Out / Tuner, Lineout / Poweramp, Speaker Outs 2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16 Ohms
  • Midi programmable functions at a glance, storable on 128 Midi presets in any combination as needed:
    Channel switching, Master A / B, Bright, Hi / Lo Gain, FX Loop 1 and 2, Noise Gate, Amp Mute (Tuner)
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    71 x 27 x 29 cm, 21 kg

The basic layout of the Invader consists of an all tube driven head, that features 8 different gain stages in 4 separate channels that include four separate EQs.
Powered by 4 EL 34 Tubes the Invader delivers a total amount of 100 watts. The idea behind the Invader is that guitarists need most flexibility and control for any given playing situation. Easy to handle ñ just focusing on pure tube tone.
The Invader achieves that with a new concept: This amp does not feature the classic 4 channel head layout of a Clean- Crunch- Rhythm- Lead channel.
The Invader is different.
Named Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, these channels are able to produce different Overdrive / Gain structures ñ each one from Crunch to High Gain. Every Overdrive Voicing in the channels is different.
In conjunction with the Hi / Lo gain switch, which can be remote controlled and a separate EQ section for each channel, there will be no limits except the guitarist creativity. 

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