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Evans EQ3 clear Bass Drum 22"

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Evans EQ3 clear Bass Drum 22"
Evans EQ3 clear Bass Drum 22"

Evans EQ-3 clear 22" Bass Drum Fell BD22GB3 
zweilagig, herausnehmbarer Dämpfring, ein perfektes Live-Fell, hält den härtesten Kick stand

Features Evans EQ3 22" clear Bass Drum: 

  • Instrument: Drum Set-Bass
  • Finish: Clear
  • Attack: Defined
  • Tone: Medium Warm
  • Sustain: Very Focused
  • Feel: Moderate
  • Durability: High

Controlled low-end rumble and focused attack characterize the EQ3 bass head. A two-ply
(6.5mil each) with an internal overtone control ring and an EQ muffle ring, it'll hold up
under heavy hitting.

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