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Fender TBP-1 Tube Pre-Amp

Fender TBP-1 Tube Pre-Amp
Fender TBP-1 Tube Pre-Amp
  • Bestellnr.: 200400
  • nicht lieferbar - ARCHIV

Fender TBP1 Tube Bass PreAmp
Röhrenvorstufe mit 2 X 12AX7, Overdrive, FX Loop, Vari-Q, Room Balance, DI-Ausgang, inkl. 4-fach Fußschalter, 1HE, 19"

Features TBP 1:

  • Fender® passive tone stack
  • Tube overdrive section
    • Gain, Volume and Blend
    • This channel sits on top of the clean (which preserves the warm clean pillow under the overdrive
    • Blend adjusts the clean vs. dirty ratio of the tone (can be set "touch-sensitive"
    • Footswitchable (4-button footswitch is included)
  • Vari-Q section (Patent Pending)
    • Cutting frequencies automatically NARROWS the focus of the Q for a well-defined cut (notch)
    • Boosting frequencies automatically WIDENS the focus of the Q for a broader, more musical boost
    • This intelligent Q control keeps "on the fly" operation simple and effective
    • Footswitchable (4-button footswitch is included)
  • Room Balance
    • Clockwise cuts lower end frequencies while simultaneously raising upper frequencies
    • Counter-clockwise brings up lower end frequencies while simultaneously lowering upper frequencies
    • Room Balance Does NOT affect XLR output (soundman gets unaltered signal)
  • Master volume
    • One level control that affects everything except Balanced Line Out, Tuner and FX Send
  • Jensen® line out transformer
    • (for maintaining a clean Balanced line out XLR signal)
  • Four-button footswitch Included –Overdrive, FX Loop, Vari-Q and Mute
  • Tuner Send (post-tube, always on, even when the MUTE is engaged)
  • Effects Loop with trim control and level switch (can be used as an adjustable boost control) - Footswitchable
  • Bi-amp low and high sends with active crossover (as big as you need it to be)
  • Full-Range Main Output
  • Footswitch input (4-button controls: Overdrive, FX Loop, Vari-Q™ and Mute)
  • Additional Instrument Input on the back (in case your rack setup favors having an input in the back)
  • Brushed Aluminum Rackmount Panel
  • Weight: 5.89 kg
  • 19", 1HE

A truly professional single-rack space tube preamp designed for bass! The TBP-1 is an artist-level piece at home onstage and in the studio.

Its interactive passive circuit delivers creamy tube tone that allows the color of the instrument to shine through, with features including Fender’s passive tone stack, tube overdrive section, Vari-Q section (patent pending), room balance control, master volume, Jensen® line out transformer and four-button footswitch. Thick, natural and balanced; an amazing device if we do say so ourselves!

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