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Fender Vibro King Custom Combo

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Fender Vibro King Custom Combo
Fender Vibro King Custom Combo

Fender Vibro King Custom

60 Watt Vollröhren Combo

  • 3x10" Jensen Speaker
  • All Point to Point Hand Wiring
  • "Fat" Switch
  • Built in Vintage "Tube Reverb" with Dwell, Mix, and Tone Controls
  • New Vibrato Circuit with Speed and Intensity Controls, Effects Loop
  • Birch Plywood Open Back Cabinet
  • Tilt-Back Legs
  • Ivory Radio Knobs
  • Red Jeweled Pilot Light
  • 2-Button Footswitch for Vibrato and "Fat" on/off
  • 13-Ply Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet
  • Reverb: Dwell, Mix, Tone
  • Fat Switch
  • Volume
  • Treble
  • Bass
  • Mid
  • Vibrato: Speed, Intensity  

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