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Fender Platinum Acoustic Kabel 12" / 3m

Fender Platinum Acoustic Kabel 12" / 3m
Fender Platinum Acoustic Kabel 12" / 3m
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Fender Platinum-Premium Acoustasonic Kabel
12" Instrument Cable with One straight and One Right-Angle 1/4" Connector


• Finest grade 99.99% purity OFC copper conductors for superior sound quality
• 4-Way Differential Cable Architecture for best possible frequency balance
• Maximum noise isolation using two separate shields
• Premium quality abrasion resistant high temperature PVC jacket for maximum durability
• Switchcraft connectors for maximum conductivity and reliability
• Proprietary Fender® Right Angle Connector
• Precision formulated Polyethylene dielectric materials for maximum signal transfer and unique tone
• Silver Soldered connections for best possible signal transfer
• Proprietary Patented and Patents Applied For Technology

The Fender Gold and Platinum Acoustasonic Guitar Cables uses 4-Way Differential Cable Architecture to present the best possible balance between all frequency ranges, and to also preserve all the tone and nuance that acoustic-electric guitars are capable of. Optimally selected stranded conductors are used to preserve sustain and the edge and dynamics that are so important in guitar sound, while two different gauge solid conductors augment the midrange & bass to provide a much fuller sound. Specially designed hollow treble conductors give these cables a better, more extended high frequency presentation, with no trace of harshness. These cables have a unique voice that has not been heard before, and use a proprietary technology that is patented. They are specifically designed for acoustic-electric guitar or electric guitar when a more clean sound is desired.

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