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Fender Super Sonic 112 Combo blonde

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Fender Super Sonic 112 Combo blonde
Fender Super Sonic 112 Combo blonde

Fender Super Sonic 1-12 Combo blonde
im neuen "Black Pepper" oder Vintage 61-Style Blonde/Oxblood 


  • Output  60 Watts 
  • Ohms  8 Ohms (4 Ohms with Extension Speaker) 
  • Speakers  One 12 inch, 8 Ohm Celestion® Vintage 30 Speaker 
  • Channels  Two: Vintage & Burn (Vintage Channel has Two Switchable Voices), Features  Spring Reverb, Dual Cascading-Gain Preamp Overdrive, Effects Loop with Send Level & Return Level, Pre-Amp Out Jack, Power Amp In Jack, 3-Button Footswitch,
    Two Speaker Output Jacks (for Internal + Extension Speaker), Standby Switch, 3/4" Birch/Maple Plywood Cabinet, Tilt Back Legs 
  • Controls  VINTAGE CHANNEL: Volume; Treble; Bass, Voicing switch (Vibrolux®/Bassman®)
    BURN CHANNEL: Gain 1; Gain 2; Treble; Bass; Middle; Volume, Master Reverb, Rear-Panel Effects Send Level Control, Rear-Panel Effects Return Level Control
  • Covering  Blonde Textured Vinyl Covering with Oxblood Grill Cloth 
  • Weight  54 lbs. (24.5 kg) 
  • Dimensions  Height: 17.3” (44.1 cm),
    Width: 25.3” (64.5 cm),
    Depth: 10.2” (25.9 cm)

After years of painstaking research and design, we’re proud to introduce the Fender Super-Sonic amplifier—the first Fender all-tube amp to capture the highly desirable sparkly tones of the ’65 Vibrolux®, the thick tone of the ’66 Bassman®, and the smooth and creamy crunch of modern, high-gain amplifiers. The Super-Sonic amp lets discriminating players capture industry-standard Fender clean tones, bluesy “pushed” tones and modern high-gain tones in one easily portable all-tube amplifier.

The 60-watt Super-Sonic 112 Combo—here in its vintage ’61-style “Blonde/Oxblood” incarnation—features genuine Fender spring reverb, dual cascading-gain preamp overdrive with more creamy sustain and compression than any previous Fender amp, a single 12” Celestion® Vintage 30 8-ohm speaker and high-grade Baltic birch ply construction for increased resonance.

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