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Fostex UR-2 Stereo SD-Card Recorder

Fostex UR-2 Stereo SD-Card Recorder
Fostex UR-2 Stereo SD-Card Recorder
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Fostex UR-2 Stereo Rack Memory Recorder

The UR-2 is a stereo audio recorder which records high quality audio to SD cards and USB pen drives and will flexibly adapt to the wide variety of playback requirements, such as stage sound reproduction and installation audio player.


  • 2 sets SD card slots and a USB host connector for alternate recording/playback among the different media
  • Stereo or Mono WAV (BWF) recording to SD card (also SDHC) and USB storage device
  • Fs: 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz, Quantization: 16/24bit
  • Future software update enables the MP3 playback and recording (estimated delivery within 2008)
  • High speed file transfer with PC via USB 2.0 (bi-directional)
  • Employing FAT32 format, it allows to directly mount the recorded files to PC
  • It adapts to a wide variety of use environment by offering Chain Play and Memory Play
  • Timer Play and Power ON Play enable automatic playback start for such as chime and repetitive announcement, which are convenient in the installation audio industry
  • The play mode list employs CSV file format so that it is easy to edit by a text editor or spread sheet program software on PC
  • 99 Cue points with locate function
  • Waveform display under Scrub mode offers easy and visual Cue point setting
  • Microphone input with P48V available on the front panel. Not only for recording but for speech to be mixed with playback source
  • Analog I/O with balanced XLR and un-balanced RCA pin jacks, Digital I/O with XLR connectors
  • An organic LED display offers high visibility
  • Remote transport control via Foot SW, Parallel remote pot (D-sub 25pin) and RS-232C (D-sub 9pin)
  • External USB keyboard can be used not only for file name editing but for transport control such as REC and PLAY
  • DC power for the convenience in outdoor event and location recording  
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