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Framus Cobra FR-412 Cabinet 4x12 Box

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Framus Cobra FR-412 Cabinet 4x12 Box
Framus Cobra FR-412 Cabinet 4x12 Box
Framus Cobra 4x12 Box schräg FR-412 

  • 200 W/8 Ohm 
  • umschaltbar auf stereo 2 x 100W/16 Ohm 
  • Farbe: schwarz
  • Gewicht: 41 kg

    The Framus research and development team worked long and hard to design the perfect speaker cabinets to augment the tremendously popular Cobra amplifier head. After trying every speaker on the market, Framus unanimously agreed that the Celestion Greenbacks were best suited to be included in the Cobra 4X12 speaker cabinets.

    Capable of reproducing the wide range of high-quality tones that the Cobra head can generate, the Cobra speaker cabinets are carefully constructed to be acoustically perfect and incredibly durable. The Celestion speakers, the 17mm poplar wood, and the beautiful craftsmanship all add up to make one of the best guitar cabinets available.

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