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Gemini PS3 3-Kanal USB Mixer

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Gemini PS3 3-Kanal USB Mixer

Professioneller 3-Kanal, 10 inch DJ-Mixer mit USB.

  • 10″, 5-line, 3-channel mixer with 2 convertible phono/line RCA inputs
  • USB connectivity for your Mac or PC’s media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.)
  • Simultaneously play and record using a USB cable and your computer
  • Master and Record RCA outputs
  • Master Volume rotary knob
  • User-replaceable Rail Glide cross fader with Curve and Reverse controls
  • Cue Section with rotary Cue Volume, Cue/PGM controls and split Cue switch
  • 3-band rotary EQ with rotary Gain control for each channel
  • Mic section with rotary Mic Volume and 2-band EQ
  • VU meters with Master/Cue option
  • Front panel 1/4″ (6.3mm) headphone connector

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