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Genz Benz EL DIABLO 100 Topteil Vollröhre

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Genz Benz EL DIABLO 100 Topteil Vollröhre
Genz Benz EL DIABLO 100 Topteil Vollröhre

Genz Benz EL DIABLO 100 Tube Head - 1x aus Retoure
dämonische 100/50 watt schaltbar, 2x Tube Channels, 5-fach Fußschalter, 31,5 kg

Features Genz Benz EL DIABLO 100:

  • Two Independent Tube Channels
  • Six Triode Preamp Stages (3-12AX7 Tubes)
  • Two Power Tubes (ships w/Ruby Tube EL 34's)
  • EL34 or 6L6 Power Tube Capability
  • Rear Panel Bias Pot
  • Four Button Footswitch Included

Rear Panel:

  • 50/100 Watt Output Selector Offers
  • The Tone and Feel of 2 Different Amplifiers
  • Dual Speaker Jacks w/ Impedance Selector Switch and Imp. Calculator
  • Direct Output section—XLR Freq. Compensated w/GRND Lift; 1/4" Line Out; 0db or -20db Switch
  • Effects Loops—Individual WARM Ch.; HOT Ch. & Global (serial) Effects Loops
  • Reverb Cancel Jack—Optional Single Button Footswitch
  • Foot Switch—Din Plug Input for 5 Button Footswitch (included)
  • Power Inlet/Fuse Holder Plug
  • 115/230 Voltage Selector Switch

Front Panel:

  • Tube Buffered Input Stage
  • WARM Tube Ch.—Clean or Vintage Gain Sw.; Gain & Volume Preamp Controls
  • ±15db Bass, Mid, Treble Tone Shaping; Reverb Level Control
  • Channel Selector Switch
  • HOT Tube Ch.—Classic or High Gain Sw.; Dynamic or Compressed Tube Texture; Gain & Volume Preamp Controls; Tube Contour Control; ±15db Bass, Mid, Treble Tone shaping; Reverb Level Control
  • GLOBAL Section—Attack Sw. w/ Level Control; Master Reverb control; Master Volume Control


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