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ICON Qcon Lite

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ICON Qcon Lite

USB MIDI/Audio DAW Controller mit Motorfader

  • 1 x 100mm touch-sensitive motorized channel/
    master fader
  • 4 x dual function encoder knobs
  • Large backlit LCD to display channel name,
    control values etc. for each channel
  • Jog wheel shuttle for fast search and control
  • Illuminated channel buttons
  • 6 illuminated transport buttons
  • 16 illuminated function buttons.
  • 8 illuminated assignable MIDI function buttons
  • 2 illuminated “Fader” buttons for shifting channels
    up or down
  • 2 illuminated “Bank” buttons for shifting channelbanks
    up or down
  • Extremely compact
  • Class-compliant with Windows an Mac
  • Mackie control build-in
  • Template labels are included for difference
    popular DAW,s
  • USB-powered, Firmware upgrade via USB cable
  • iMap ™ software included for easy mapping of
    MIDI functions.

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