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Jet City Amplification JCA100HDM Head

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Jet City Amplification JCA100HDM Head

Das neue Flagschiff basiert auf dem JCA100H, kommt mit satten 100 Watt daher und mit 2 Kanälen mit ordentlichem Soldano-Ton!!!


  • Channels: Crunch and Overdrive, foot-switchable with included footswitch
  • Controls: Normal and Overdrive Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Normal and Overdrive Masters, Presence, Depth. 100w/50w.
  • Effects Loop: Tube buffered
  • Footswitch: Overdrive channel footswitch, included.
  • Tubes: 5x 12AX7 Preamp / 4x 6L6 Power
  • Cabinetry: Multi-ply, void-free hardwood
  • Chassis: 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel
  • Output Power: 100 watts into 16 ohm or 2x 8 ohm speaker outputs
  • Input Power: Multi-tapped power transformer at 100v/120v/220v/240v and standard IEC connector
  • DIMS: 9.5″Hx9.5″Dx25″D
  • Weight: 43.6lbs net

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