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KRK ExposeE8B ReferenzMonitor

KRK ExposeE8B ReferenzMonitor
KRK ExposeE8B ReferenzMonitor
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Exposé E8B Recording Monitor

KRK is proud to announce the release of the Exposé E8B studio monitor. KRK's Exposé series has long been considered the pinnacle of excellence in the recording industry. The new E8B monitor carries the legacy of KRK's Exposé line to new heights. The new E8B utilizes state-of-the-art components to help achieve clarity and sonic accuracy that improves on the original and creates a monitor that is the best in the business. Whether it is the Exposé beryllium/aluminum tweeter (AlbeMet) that provides smooth, lightning fast transient response or the implementation of dual discrete class A/AB amplifiers to achieve incredible detail or the striking curved cabinet which reduces diffraction, the E8B has distanced the Exposé line from the competition.

Features and Benefits

  • Uncompromised high-grade dual amplification system for incredible detail.
  • aluminum/Beryllium composite (AlBeMET) inverted dome high frequency transducer
  • provides smooth, lightning fast transient response.
  • Extended HF frequencies ideal for use with high sample rate computer audio systems.
  • Increased cabinet radius edges improve natural diffraction and provide a larger sweet spot.
  • Attractive new enclosure looks great in any recording environment.

Drivers Tweeter: 1" AIBeMET Inverted Dome
Woofer: 8" Dual Layer Kevlar w/Rohacell
Input Type XLR (3-Pin) 10k )hm Balanced
Pin1 = Ground
Pin2 = (+) High
Pin3 = (-) Low
Amplification HF: 120Watts Discrete Class A/AB
LF: 140Watts Discrete Class A/AB
Fusing 6.0A 100VAC 50Hz
6.0A 110-120VAC 50/60Hz
3.15A 220-240CVAC 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 500W
Frequency Response 40Hz - 30kHz +/-1dB
Crossover Point
Maximum SPL @ 1m
112dB Music
115dB Peak
Video Shielding Standard
Dimensions 19.3" H x 14.6" W x 14" D
491mm H x 370mm W x 355mm D
Shipping Weight 75.6lbs / 34.31 Kg
Mounting OmniMount 120.0 WBX
Hardware is installed into the inserts to mount the 120.0 WBX Base

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