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Kurzweil K2600 Synthesizer Workstation

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Kurzweil K2600 Synthesizer Workstation 
76er semi-gew. Tastatur, ROM 1, 2 und 128 MB Sample RAM vorinstalliert 

Die K2600-Series von Kurzweil ist jeder Situation gewachsen - im Live-Einsatz, auf der B√ľhne, im Studio und bei vielen ambitionierten Musikern, die in beiden Welten (analog und digital) ihr musikalisches Zuhause haben. Seine besondere Sound-Architektur erlaubt es, wirklichkeitsgetreue Natursounds und synthetische Wellenformen zu erzeugen, die dann mit einer Vielzahl von DSP-Funktionen in alle musikalischen Richtungen gelenkt werden k√∂nnen. ¬†


  • Models: K2600 - 76-note semi-weighted
  • Display: 64 x 240 fluorescent backlit display
  • Physical Controllers: (8) sliders, (1) Pitch Wheel, (1) Mod Wheel, (2) buttons, (4) Foot Switch Pedal inputs, (2) CC Pedal inputs, (2) Ribbon Controllers, (1) Breath Controller input - all assignable¬†
  • Polyphony: 48 sample-playback voices (192 total oscillators)
    Multitimbral parts: 16 MIDI channels (each can be a 32 layer deep program)
  • Architecture: V.A.S.T. - Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology with 60 DSP functions
  • ROM Programs: Over 450 plus thousands on floppy and CDROM (both included)
  • Sound ROM: 12 MB base ROM. Expandable to 44 MB via FOUR ROM expansion slots (see Options & Accessories tab)
  • Sample RAM: Up to 128 MB via non-composite 72 pin SIMMs
    (units sold in the USA come with 64MB)
  • Sequence / Program RAM: 486KB user-programmable battery-backed RAM, expandable to 1.5 MB via PRAM upgrade kit. (see Options & Accessories tab)¬†
  • Sequencer: Full-function 768 ppq sequencer with 16 song and 16 arrangement tracks. Offers pattern, linear, loop and step recording, cut/copy/paste, advanced 'groove' quantizing, event list editing and other powerful track editing tools. Sequences can be also triggered in real time from the keyboard.¬†
  • KDFX: Powerful, flexible 5-stereo bus, 24-bit digital effects engine offering a wide range of time, frequency and dynamic based effects as well as effects chaining.¬†
  • Triple Modular Processing: Triple Mode offers 126 sound shaping algorithms and in-series processing of VAST layers. KB3 Drawbar Mode¬†
  • KB3 Drawbar Mode: Allows blending of nine harmonics per voice in real-time (full polyphony maintained at all times). KB3 Mode allows realistic tone wheel organ emulations and innovative, dynamic new timbres¬†
  • Live Mode: Process any incoming signal via the optional analog or digital inputs with powerful V.A.S.T. synthesis functions and built in KDFX capabilities (requires sampling option, DMTi or DADAT-26)
  • Arpeggiator: Fully programmable arpeggiator featuring 7 different modes of operation and a host of features including the ability to sync to MIDI Beat Clock
  • Waveform Editing: Full functional graphic sample editor with a host of sample editing tools (Sampling Option NOT required)¬†
  • Sample Processing: Non-real-time DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on beats-per-minute timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions. Sample Processing DSP does not require the sampling option to be installed¬†
  • File Compatibility: Reads/Writes: Standard MIDI Files, AIFF, WAVE
  • Reads: ISO-9660, Roland 700 series, Akai S900, S950, S1000, S1100, and S3000, Ensoniq EPS/ASR file formats¬†
  • AFMS File System: User-friendly cataloging and retrieval of individual objects. Powerful utilities including: file search, info about media/available space, disk macros, startup file applications, and more¬†
  • Analog I/O: (8) balanced audio outs plus mix stereo pair -18 bit DAC's (can also be used as unbalanced)
    600-ohm stereo headphone out.
  • With SMP-2X sampling option: Stereo 1/4 in. unbalanced analog hi-Z input (tip/ring/sleeve); two balanced lo-Z (XLR) inputs
  • Digital I/O: With SMP-2X/R: 2 channels AES/EBU, SPDIF (via Optical and Coax) inputs and outputs.
    With DMTi Digital Multitrack interface: 16-bit ADAT, TDIF, AES/EBU, SPDIF support.(requires (DIO-26 Digital I/O Option Card)
  • With DADAT-26 ADAT I/O Option Card : 8 channels of 24 bit 48kHz ADAT i/o¬†
  • SCSI: Two external SCSI-1 25-pin connectors
    Internal SCSI Hard Drive optional (requires drive mounting kit) 
  • FREE OS Updates: User-installed upgrades via 3.5 in. DOS-compatible diskette or SCSI. Software available for download from this web site. DOS compatibility required

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