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MOTU Digital Performer

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MOTU Digital Performer
MOTU Digital Performer
MOTU Digital Performer
Desktop Recording System von MOTU für Macintosh, nur in englisch

MotU liefert den Digital Performer 4.5 für OS X aus. MIDI- und Audio-Daten werden mit
diesem Macintosh Programm auf professionelle Weise geschnitten und für das Harddisk-
Recording aufbereitet:

Digital Performer is an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production tool. It
provides a comprehensive recording, playback, and editing environment for a large variety
of audio applications.

Digital Performer allows you to simultaneously record and playback multiple tracks of
digital audio and MIDI data in a totally integrated, creative environment. Digital Performer's
award-winning multitrack sequencer design, combined with new non-destructive digital
audio editing capabilities, provide you with unprecedented flexibility and control over the
music that you make.

Digital Performer literally replaces racks full of recording gear. You get the capabilities of
a multitrack digital recording system - automated digital mixer, reverb, effects, EQ, and
compression. All of this integrated with the award winning sequencing capabilities of

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