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Mackie SR1530z Box aktiv

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Mackie SR1530z Box aktiv
Mackie SR1530z Box aktiv

Mackie SR-1530z Box aktiv NEW Modell
überarbeitete SR-Aktiv-Lautsprecherserie: Wie die SA-Serie verfügt auch die neue SR-Serie über eine integrierte Aktivelektronik mit mehreren Endstufen und der ausgeklügelten Ansteuer- und Schutzschaltung sowie der Phasenkorrektur.

Features Mackie SR1530z:
•  Three-Way Amplified, with 300W RMS low-frequency, 100W RMS mid-frequency and 100W high-frequency amplifiers 
•  Built-in Active circuitry provides precision crossover, electronic time correction, phase alignment and equalization 
•  Patented WaveFront™ horn design provides wide dispersion and very natural sound 
•  44mm (1.75") titanium dome compression driver with optimized symmetric phase plug 
•  152mm (6") horn-loaded, high-output mid-range transducer 
•  381mm (15") LF woofer with high-temperature voice coil 
•  Wide-dispersion, ultra-low distortion, high frequency horn design 
•  126 dB SPL @ 1kHz / 1 meter 
•  Frequency Response: 38Hz to 20kHz 
•  Complete electronic and component protection circuitry 
•  Weight balanced with carrying handles for easy portability

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