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Paiste Twenty Hi-Hat 14"

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Paiste Twenty Hi-Hat 14"
Paiste Twenty Hi-Hat 14"

Paiste Twenty HiHat 14"  Becken

  • Weight: medium heavy top / heavy bottom
  • Volume: medium low to loud
  • Stick Sound: crisp, meaty, pronounced
  • Intensity: lively
  • Sustain: medium
  • Chick Sound: crisp, peppery, tight
  • Sound Character: Crisp, full, fiery, silvery, with a dark edge. Fairly wide range, fairly clean mix. Very responsive, with a giving feel. Full, warm, bright, powerful open sound. Tight, sizzling chick sound. A very dynamic hi-hat for almost all styles in studio applications and live performances.

Cymbal Informationen Twenty-Series

Introduction: 2007

Background: For centuries, legendary SnBz20 bronze has been produced in Turkey according to ancient knowledge, and has also found its use for cymbals.
In our tireless effort for the perfection of the skills to create sound from metal, we have gathered and employed a considerable body of knowledge regarding requisite fundamentals, parameters, proportions and a great deal more. In this way we have created cymbals with sound character and function to occupy a distinguished place in the world of drummers and percussionists.
In the past half-century we have explored, tested and employed various alloys – as each alloy has its own specific potency for sound. It reveals itself through diverse manifestations of sound character and function in cymbals, depending on the treatment and the structuring of the craftsmanship. Thus, over the years the «Stambul», the «Formula 602», the «2002», and the «Signature» emerged, always as an answer and addition to prevailing musical trends.
Our continuous search for origin and truth in sound – energy, vibration, sensation – from manually malleable metals leads us back to the original bronze, with its primal and archaic sound potency, and which has remained preserved only in its traditional environment.
Through fateful events a dialog emerged with Murat Diril from Turkey, who has spend his life learning the time-honored art of manufacturing the traditional bronze for cymbals, and who has brought it to a high degree of maturity. We agreed with Murat Diril that we should combine our respective experiences and abilities in mutual respect and appreciation.
For «Twenty» Cymbals, we receive blanks of hand crafted bronze from Murat Diril, which we then treat and refine in Switzerland according to our skills and criteria for sound and function. In the process, from the alloying to the shaping to the completion of the cymbals, we utilize hand craftsmanship exclusively. This is how «Twenty» cymbals come into being, cymbals of pure quality for the demanding requirements of drummers and percussionists.

Robert and Erik Paiste, November 2006

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