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Pearl D-2500BR Drumhocker

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Pearl D-2500BR Drumhocker

Der D-2500BR Drumhocker im Motorrad-Stil sorgt für höchsten Komfort und sicheren Halt. Die schlanke Rückenlehne erlaubt eine freie Armbewegung.


  • Bracket: Exclusive LOCK / SPIN seat bracket
  • Collar/Tuner: A Reversible StopLock allows you to LOCK the cushion or allow it to SPIN depending on your preference.
  • High Density Foam Cushions: Ideal hardness for optimum support
  • Sure Struts: Double braced struts on the tripod offer the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it
  • Large Rubber Feet: Provides improved stability and plenty of “tred” for long life

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