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Presonus DigiTUBE Tube-PreAmp

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Presonus DigiTUBE Tube-PreAmp
Presonus DigiTUBE Tube-PreAmp
Presonus DigiTUBE, Micro/Instrumenten Tube Pre Amp, EQ, 48V, SPDIF Output, Word
Clock In/Output

  • Mikrofon & Instrumenten-Vorverstärker
  • eingebauter 3-band EQ mit parametrischen Mitten und Bypass
  • 48V Phantomspeisung
  • digitaler 24bit S/PDIF Output
  • Word Clock Input +Output

    Born from the award winning BlueTUBE, the DigiTUBE adds a three band sweepable EQ
    and 24-bit Digital Output. The mic preamp features 70dB of gain with 22dB of Headroom.
    The DigiTUBE provides a three band EQ which is fully sweepable with overlapping bands
    for maximum tone shaping. A 24-bit Digital output via S/PDIF makes the Digitube the
    perfect front end for soundcards and digital recorders. The DigiTUBE offers XLR analog
    output and TRS Insert point for patching in a compressor or other outboard effect units. U

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