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Rocktron XPression 19' Effects Process

Rocktron XPression 19' Effects Process
Rocktron XPression 19' Effects Process
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XPression 19'' Effects Process

Pre-Loaded with 128 professional presets custom designed for guitar and bass including a combination of vintage AND modern voiced effects based on our years of experience in signal processing. The vintage effects include many classic stomp box style effects like Flanger, Phaser, Rotary and Tremolo that were modeled after actual vintage products no longer available on the market today. Rocktron's multi-voiced Delay and Chorus are designed for Guitar and Bass for BOTH live and recording situations. A Tap Button for "Delay" and "Rate" control is on the front panel and is MIDI Programmable. Reverb, Multi-Pitch Shifting, Compressor and much more are included. The Xpression is designed to maximize EFFECTS to be used WITH your favorite preamp or amplifier, thus there are no distortion presets in the Xpression.
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