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SWR 750X Basstop

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SWR 750X Basstop
SWR 750X Basstop
SWR 750X Basstop
750 Watt/4Ohm, Röhrenvorstufe, 19" fähig, 19,5 kg

features SWR 750X Basstop:
  • 750 Watt
  • Zwei unterschiedliche und unabhängige Eingänge für aktive und passive Instrumente
  • SWRs exclusive Aural Enhancer Schaltung
  • Aktive Bass-, Mitten- und Höhen- Klangregelung
  • Gain- und Master-Volume-Regler
  • Anzeige (LED) bei Übersteuerung der Vorstufe
  • Komplett und individuell in den USA entwickelt und gefertigt
  • The ultimate multi-purpose SWR bass amp, with crushing volume, two killer effects and 750 watts of pure SWR tone. The top-of-the-line X Series amp, the 750x comes equipped with the classic SWR tube preamp, but also contains two onboard effects: the Subwave, which produces clean, pure and accurate sub-octave effects; and Overdrive, which affects the preamp’s 12AX7 tube to create overdrive that can be as subtle as a classic “flip-top” or as nasty as a half-stack running at 11. It’s quickly becoming an “instant classic,” and serves as the SWR amplifier of choice for many of today’s professional rock bassists.

    Features: 750 watts @ 4 ohms, classic SWR tube preamp with Aural Enhancer, Tube Overdrive, Subwave, studio-quality three-mode XLR out (direct, direct + EFX, line) with ground lift and level pad, three-band active EQ with variable midrange, pull turbo (ultra-low) and transparency (ultra-high) controls, variable limiter, side-chain effects loop with blend control, tuner send, stereo headphone out, speaker on/off switch, Speakon® and 1/4” speaker outputs. Dual footswitch for Overdrive and Subwave effects included.

      Dual independent input jacks compatible
      for both active and passive instruments
      Ultra-High-Polished Aluminum Front Panel
      Gain control with LED peak clipping indicator
      Variable Limiter
      Overdrive (with Drive and Level controls)
      Overdrive Illuminated on/off switch
      Subwave (with Level control)
      Subwave Illuminated on/off switch
      Active Bass Control w/pull Turbo Function
      Active Treble Control w/pull Transparency Function
      Variable mid-range EQ
      Our Exclusive Aural Enhancer™ Circuitry
      Effects Blend Control
      Master Volume Control
      Rack mountable
      Rack Handles
      Speaker On/Off Switch
      Power On/Off Switch
      Aluminum chassis
      Sidechain Effects Loop
      Stereo Headphone Jack
      Balanced XLR Output w/ Pad
      XLR Mode Switch (Direct, Line, or Direct + EFX)
      Tuner Send
      Preamp Output
      Overdrive Footswitch Jack
      Subwave Footswitch Jack
      Two 1/4" Speaker Output Jacks
      Two Speakon® Speaker Output Jacks
      Speaker fuse: 3AG, 10 Amp, Fast Blo
      Line Fuse:
      3AG, 10 Amp, Slow Blo (100 & 120 volt units)
      3AG, 5 Amp, Slow Blo (240 volt units)
      A/C Line Receptacle
      All tube preamp gain stages
      Cooling Fan
      (1) 12AX7 Preamp Tube
    • 850 Watts @ 2.6 ohms
      750 Watts @ 4 ohms
      450 Watts @ 8 ohms
      (minimum load = 2.6 ohms) 

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