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Solid State Logic Mynx Bundle XR621, XR618

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Solid State Logic Mynx Bundle XR621, XR618
Solid State Logic Mynx Bundle XR621, XR618

SSL Mynx Bundle

X-Rack MicPre + X-Rack Dynamicmodule + Rack

XLogic X-Rack Mic Amp Module

Angelically pure and versatile input section with a choice of three separate input amplifiers; Mic amp, front panel Instrument input or Line input. Designed for transparency and versatility with a set of High and Low Pass Filters, phase reverse and everything you need from a very classy workhorse.

Key Features:

  • Electronically balanced ultra high bandwidth input with -5dB to +75dB gain control & Pad switch
  • Continuously Variable input impedance control (1.2kOhm to 10kOhm) can accommodate signals from instruments or be adjusted to suit a wide range of microphones
  • Phase Reverse & Phantom Power
  • Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input
  • Front panel instrument input with ground lift switch
  • Independently switched 12dB/Octave HF (Low-Pass) Filter
  • Independently switched 18dB/Octave LF (High-Pass) Filter
  • Independent routing to L & R Record bus

XLogic X-Rack Dynamics Module

Designed to be the perfect level control tool kit for recording, the Dynamics Module is densely packed with control features yet simple to use. The combination of separate Compressor and Gate/Expander section is powerful, graceful and ideal for gentle and unobtrusive level control.

Key Features:

  • Fully balanced XLR input and output
  • Switched -10dB/+4dB operating level
  • Dedicated compression meter display
  • Over-easy RMS compressor, switchable to peak sensing hard knee
    Variable Ratio, Threshold and Release
  • External key operation
  • Independently switched Gate/Expander section
  • Link facility for multiple module linking

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