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TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 FireWire

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t.c. electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 FireWire 

FireWire-Audiointerface, 2 Eingänge, 4 Ausgänge, Monitorsteuerung. Umfasst das auf der AlgoFlex-Technologie basierende Studio Reverb M40 für Aufnahme und Mix.


  • Big volume control
  • IMPACT™ mic preamp with 48v phantom power
  • High resolution meter
  • M40 Studio Reverb powered by AlgoFlex™
  • Direct monitor control with input/DAW control
  • Headphone out with separate level control and separate source
  • Input configuration: mic + instr/instr+instr/stereo line
  • True Hi-Z guitar inputs known from TC’s high-end guitar processors
  • Balanced stereo outputs
  • TC NEAR™ compatible: works with all other Konnekt products
  • Instant scene recall
  • DIM switch for convenient speaker dimming
  • Intuitive control panel for direct monitoring control
  • VST/AU compatible
  • Desktop design
  • FireWire 1394, bus powered
  • DICE™ digital interface chip with JetPLL™ jitter elimination technology
  • Low latency drivers for Mac and PC, WDM, ASIO and CoreAudio
  • 24-bit/192 kHz sampling rate 

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