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TC Electronic Powercore X8

TC Electronic Powercore X8
TC Electronic Powercore X8
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T.C.Electronic Powercore X8
Firewire DSP-Karte mit Power von 8 DSP x 150 MHz, 19" 1HE

More than just the worlds best EQ and Dynamics
PowerCore X8 provides a massive amount of power, with 8 fast DSPs and oodles of RAM. It is ideal for high-end production environments where unsurpassed quality and processing capabilities are required. Designed for serious studios and professional applications, the PowerCore X8 is sure to deliver, and it will meet even the most demanding tasks and requirements. PowerCore X8 comes with 14 included plug-ins, among them, the renowned Dynamic EQ plug-in as well as the DeNoise plug-in from the acclaimed Restoration Suite package.

Included Plug-ins
PowerCore FireWire, PowerCore Compact, PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Express deliver an array of powerful tools right out of the box. The virtual processors that are included with these hardware choices feature the most complete collection of versatile processing available. Please note that PowerCore Unplugged is the same piece of hardware as PowerCore PCI mkII but without the included plug-ins.

PowerCore Compatibility
PowerCore and VST
PowerCore is compatible with all VST host applications, such as Nuendo, Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar, Wavelab, Acid, Sound Forge, a number of film- & post applications and more.
This means that you can use all PowerCore plug-ins within these programs.

PowerCore and Audio Units
PowerCore is compatible with Apple's Audio Units (AU) format.
This means that PowerCore plug-ins will run in all AU compatible host applications such as Logic, GarageBand and a number of film- & post applications.

PowerCore and RTAS (Pro Tools)
PowerCore is compatible with RTAS (Pro Tools) via a so called wrapper.
This means that in order to run PowerCore plug-ins from within ProTools, you'll need to obtain the wrapper. The wrapper is able to translate the VST format into RTAS, and this means that you can use all PowerCore plug-ins within RTAS compatible host applications, such as Pro Tools.

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