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TC Electronic Powercore 6000

TC Electronic Powercore 6000
TC Electronic Powercore 6000
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T.C.Electronic Powercore 6000   

With our most powerful PowerCore yet, PowerCore 6000 makes the same award-winning System 6000 algorithms used by high-end mastering studios and Oscar-winning sound designers available for your DAW. PowerCore 6000 includes world-renowned classic reverb, vintage emulations and source-based reverb and you have full access to MD3 multiband dynamics for no-compromise mastering, precision brickwall limiting and unsurpassed stereo to 5.1 conversion.


  • Software:
    • Running with any Audio Unit or VST based DAW application
    • The 7 pristine algorithms included with PowerCore 6000 are ported 1:1 from System 6000
    • PowerCore 6000 plug-ins share the intuitive user interface known from System 6000 including the "Focus Fields" that allow you to place any parameter from any parameter page in one of six quick access fields in the buttom of the user inteface
    • PowerCore 6000 is preset compatible with System 6000: seamlessly import presets made with System 6000 and use them immediately in your Logic Pro project
  • Compability:
    • with Apple's Audio Units (AU) format
    • with all VST host applications, such as Nuendo and a number of film- & post applications and more
    • PowerCore 6000 ships with PowerCore 3.2 software, compatible with Vista 32
  • Hardware:
    • Designed for serious studios and professional applications, the PowerCore 6000 is sure to deliver, and it will meet even the most demanding tasks and requirements. Even complex mixes are possible with just a laptop and the PowerCore 6000.
    • PowerCore 6000 uses the same DSPs you will find in System 6000. The unique combination of a floating-point Power PC with 8 Freescale DSPs ensures tight integration into the native world while at the same time maintaining all of the advantages that DSPs offer for pristine signal processing. This ensures the same high quality of processing as you’re used to from the hardware world.
    • PowerCore 6000 features an SRAM based memory design that supports high performance reverbs like the VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb, DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb
  • Effects:
    • VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb
    • MD3 Stereo Mastering
    • BrickWall Limiter
    • NonLin 2 Stereo Effects Reverb
    • DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb
    • UnWrap Stereo to Surround Conversion
    • TapFactory Multi-tap Delay 
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