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Tech 21 Trademark 30 Custom Combo

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Tech 21 Trademark 30 Custom Combo
Tech 21 Trademark 30 Custom Combo

Tech 21 Trademark 30 Custom Combo
Single channel, 1x10, 30 Watt


  • Model Number TM30                   
  • Input Impedance 1MOhm                   
  • Nominal Input Level -10dBu                   
  • Optimum Output Load 4 Ohms                   
  • Power Output 30W                   
  • Effect Loop Input Impedance 1MOhm                   
  • Maximum Effect Loop Input approx. -6dBu                   
  • Effect Loop Output Impedance 1KOhm                   
  • Nominal Effect Loop Output approx. -20dBu                   
  • Nominal XLR Output approx. -20dBu                   
  • Maximum Power Consumption 60W                   
  • AC Input Power (Factory Set) 110V, 117V, 230V, 240V                   
  • Cycles 50/60Hz                   
  • Speaker Special Design Model #2110-T 10", 50W, 4 Ohms                    
  • Cabinet Dimensions 14.5"l x 8"w x 13.25"h                   
  • Weight 14lbs

We call this our Direct Recording Combo Amp. We should have called it Yoda, because there isn’t much this diminutive wizard can’t handle. The heart of the crafty Trademark 30 is a modified version of the super flexible SansAmp GT2 pedal design. Construct your tone by selecting amp character, gain structure and speaker type, and then use the drive controls and active three-band EQ to nail your sound. The 30-watt output is plenty loud for practice and monitoring but the balanced XLR and 1/4” outputs bring the big tones of this little combo to the studio mixer or PA system. Bedroom, rehearsal, studio or club, the Trademark 30 will prove it’s a giant amongst compact combos.

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