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Traynor YCS-50 Combo

Traynor YCS-50 Combo
Traynor YCS-50 Combo
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Traynor YCS 50 Verstärker E-Gitarre
Custom Special 50, Vollröhre mit 50 Watt, umschaltbar auf 15 Watt class A, 1x12" mit den neuen Celestion G12 Century Vintage Speakern,  


  • Made in Canada
  • Selectable 50-watt Class-AB / 15-watt Class-A output
  • 1x12-inch Celestion Vintage30™ Speaker
  • Footswitchable full Two Channel Configuration
  • Brit / USA Voicing Switch on Clean Channel
  • Modern & Scoop Voicing Switches on Lead Channel
  • Parallel and Loop-thru Effects Sends and Returns
  • Vintage style Accutronics Long-Spring Reverb
  • Master Volume, Defeatable Presence and Resonance Controls
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Aluminum chassis

The Custom Special 50 is the ideal all tube combo for any player looking for maximum versatility in a compact package.

Capable of operating in either a 50-watt Class-AB mode or a more manageable 15-watt pure Class-A mode the Custom Special 50 can easily deliver enough volume for the live stage in the 50-watt setting, or allow the player to find super saturated lead & blues tones in the 15-watt mode for club and studio gigs.

Loaded with a proven single 12-inch Celestion Vintage30™ speaker in a solid plywood cabinet, the Custom Special 50 is a full two-channel amplifier with completely independent gain, and fully separate EQ’s for clean and lead channels.

Maximum versatility in the clean channel is ensured by the innovative Brit / USA channel voicing switch unique to the Traynor Custom Special Series. This USA / Brit switch actually relocates the tone stack relative to the gain stages in the clean channel, allowing the Custom Special series EQ section to respond with either a crisp ‘American’ style tube amp, for clarity and definition, or with a grittier, more ‘spongy’ ‘British’ flavor associated with the great UK amps of the 60s and 70s.

An Expander circuit that first appeared on Traynor’s popular Custom Valve 80 has been included on the Custom Special 50’s rhythm channel allowing the amp to deliver an almost acoustic-like tone when required.

The Custom Special 50’s lead channel offers more flexibility and a wider tone pallet than competitive tube amps in its class. Modern and Scoop switches offer the player a choice of ‘vintage’ tube drive or a more aggressive ‘scooped’ guitar tone. A solo boost level on the lead channel offers easy access to an additional gain stage, allowing the amp to deliver a clean, crunch and lead tone from the simple two-button footswitch (included).

Accutronics spring reverb, separate parallel effects loop with send and return for external side chain effects like chorus and delays, as well as an in-line loop through for EQ’s, Compressors or other effects, a master volume, Presence and Resonance controls are all included on the Custom Special 50.

As an additional feature the Presence and Resonance can be removed from the circuit with a simple touch of a switch on the front panel, shorting the signal path and delivering a truly vintage tube sound for the tone purist.

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