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DDrum DD1 Digital Drum Set

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DDrum DD1 Digital Drum Set

komplett inkl. Bass, Snare, 3xTom, 3x Cymbal Pads,  HiHat Controller, Rack und DD1M Modul, Fußmaschine ist nicht im Lieferumfang

Features DD1 Module:


  • DD1 Electronic Module
  • 20 preset Drum Kits with memory for 10 User Kits
  • 215 different drum sounds
  • Aux in, plug in your MP3 player and play along
  • Stereo out to PA or Monitor Amp
  • Separate Stereo Headphones output
  • USB connection to send and receive Midi from your PC or Mac
  • Great for Home Recording Studios
  • Built in Reverb



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