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Vinyl Alex Niggemann Tangram

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Barcode 4250382419747 Rel date 12.08.2013 Tracklisting: A Tangram (The Bright End) B1 Tangram (The Dark End) B2 Maze Alex Niggemann returns to the scene of so many fierce releases with his latest weapons-grade stormer. The Berliner pulls out all the stops on this release - Tangram (The Bright End) is a burner that slowly builds and builds, maintaining just the right amount of tension and release. Eventually, out of the precise interplay of elements, explodes a huge euphoric melody that will surely take the roof of many a club in the months to come. The Dark End version is another beast entirely, switching the vibe to something a little malevolent- a techier workout that maintains the essential core of the original but provides a little extra drive to the groove - tough, body-moving Tech House for the heads. Maze also showcases the class we have come to expect form Poker Flat. Diamond hard beats, unhinged synths and an evolving groove are classic Niggemann traits, resulting in a deeply assured track that will see as much club play as the other two bombs on this releases.
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