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Vinyl Groove Armada, Brodanse, Cari Golden

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UPC: 827170512665 Release : 07.10.2013 Tracklist EP: A1. Sweat (Club) B1. Sweat (Deep) The Danse Club label is fast becoming an essential deep house outlet thanks to a solid stream of originals and remixes from artists old and new alike including Cherie Lee, The Burrell Brothers and label bosses Brodanse. Here, said bosses team up with vocalist Cari Golden and resurgent beatsmiths Groove Armada for a huge new track that has already been road tested in Ibiza and has drawn all the right reactions. Groove Armada of course are right at the sharp end of the house world once again having sunken themselves back in the underground with many gigs in Ibiza this summer as well as releases on labels like Hypercolour. LA's singersongwriter and vocalist Cari Golden, meanwhile, has long been lending her voice to house cuts from the likes of DJ T and Fur Coat, and here lays down another anthemic line that helps this track stand head and shoulders above the competition. 'Sweat' (Club) is a big bouncy house track with neon synth stabs, raw and thumping kick drums and icy hi hats that all coalesce into a barnstorming peaktime track designed for maximum destruction. It's simple but effective, economic but efficient in terms of design and keeps your attention locked for seven minutes of inescapable house tension. The deep version is less rigid and regimented, there is more swing in the drums and percussion and a golden glow of warmth radiates from within. The vocal here is also smoother and creamier, making its way into your heart as the waify chords add more layers of sonic richness. This is one for sundown rather than handsup moments and perfectly encapsulates the forward facing house vibe the Danse Club label embodies.

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