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Francisco Nero

Francisco Nero
Francisco Nero

  • Release date: 2013-07-17
  • Label: Slow Motion Records
  • Art. Nr. SLOMO0126
  • Code: 807297548419
  • Format: 180g splatter vinyl limited to 300 copies
  • Style: 80′s Horror
Track List:
  • A1 – Introduzione
  • A2 – Sequenza Basso
  • A3 – Senza Ritorno
  • B1 –  Voodoo Nero
  • B2 – Arpeggio
The Nero EP is the newest venture of Francisco, the solo project of italian producer Francesco de Bellis (also known as one half of Mat101 and Jollymusic). This record dives deep into darkness and moves in out between the atmosphere of an eighties horror movie soundtrack and a modern day take on eclectic disco. With two main theme tracks and three skits this mini-album is the perfect package to turn up the volume and turn down the lights when this bone shaking, gravedigger EP hits the decks.

This EP with a mini-album concept will be released on a 180g splatter vinyl and limited to 300 copies available for your listening pleasure.
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