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Tobia Coffa Get Over It

Tobia Coffa Get Over It
Tobia Coffa Get Over It
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Tobia Coffa

Get over It
  • Format: 12'' Maxi
  • Lable: AmAm
  • Artikel-Nr. AMAM0246
  • Barcode: 807297551617
Next AMAM Masterpiece! Milan-based Tobia Coffa, one of the AMAM roster's most valuable players, is stepping
on up with his next full EP, with the nonchalant title Get Over It. Whereas a lot DJ/producers nowadays love to
share their parents' musical history and the bass instrument they played in sixth grade, Tobia gets
straight to the point in his short-but-sweet Facebook biography: "Living, eating and breathing music.
Currently engaged in a serious relationship with his faithful bong." And it's clear that creating impeccable
tracks is his focus, not tedious self-aggrandizing. "Presence" is one of the more playful AMAM tunes heard this year, a low-swung strut paving the way for handmade keystrokes and jumpy acid accentsmanaging to be both "cool" and "hot" simultaneously…
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