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DiMarzio Air Zone Humbucker DP192BC

DiMarzio Air Zone Humbucker DP192BC
DiMarzio Air Zone Humbucker DP192BC
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DiMarzio Air Zone Humbucker DP192, Farbe: Zebra / creme-schwarz

  • weitere Farben: Black,

    The best way to describe the Air Zone™ is that it's a vintage version of the Tone Zone®.
    It's got the same low string-pull as our other Airbuckers™ for more sustain, plus it's got
    the big bass response and cool harmonics of the Tone Zone®. There's a little less power
    than the Tone Zone®, but more sensitivity and control. It's a great match for very hot
    amps, allowing the player to take full advantage of the amp's massive gain without turning
    the sound to mud or fuzzy noise.
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