DiMarzio PAF Humbucker DP103 online kaufen

DiMarzio PAF Humbucker DP103

DiMarzio PAF Humbucker DP103
DiMarzio PAF Humbucker DP103
DiMarzio PAF Humbucker DP 103

Classic vintage tone - a smooth, almost voice-like quality - the PAF® has that intangible
swell to the notes after attack. It possesses vintage output, and breathes freely with an
open, warm character. Played flat-out through non-master volume tube amps, the PAF®
recreates the deep character of the great plug-in, turn-up and wail school of tone.

Modern potting techniques and tight, consistent winding eliminate squeal and
microphonics common to the originals. Here is solid tone for both neck and bridge
positions. Balances well in the neck with hotter bridge humbuckers.
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