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EMG SA-Set 3-Single-Coil

EMG SA-Set 3-Single-Coil
EMG SA-Set 3-Single-Coil
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EMG SA-Set 3-Single-Coil black

  • Tonabnehmer mit alten Vintage Ton
  • Das populĂ€rste "S" - System
  • Einzelpolige AlNiCo Magnete 
  • Resonant Frequency (kHz): 3.75
  • RMS Output Voltage: 0.6
  • Peak Output Voltage: .85
  • Output Noise (dBV): -90
  • Output Impedance (Kohm): 10
  • Current @ 9V (Microamps): 80
  • Battery Life (Hours): 3000
  • mögliche Farben: Schwarz, Weiss
  • Logo Color: Gold

The EMG-SA Set combines the attributes of the early Strat* sound but with an added midrange response and higher output, giving it "bell-like" ringing harmonics and increased sustain. One single Alnico bar magnet delivers classic overdrive with a smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high-end of a single-coil pickup. These characteristics provide greater versatility than what is normally found in single-coil pickups. Favorites of Steve Lukather and David Gilmour just to name two, the EMG-SA Set comes with volume and tone controls, and a five-position switch which is all ready to mount onto your pickguard.

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connectℱ cables (3), prewired control set including volume, 2 tone controls, 5-way selection switch (black & white knobs), output jack, and battery clip, screws & springs.

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