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EMG SL-20 Steve Lukather

EMG SL-20 Steve Lukather
EMG SL-20 Steve Lukather
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EMG SL-20 Steve Lukather

  • Komplettes Tonabnehmer Set; SA57/SA57/ 85 Pickups
  • schwarzes Perloid Schlagbrett
  • schwarze Poti Knöpfe
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • 2 x SA57 Single Coils (speziell für Steve Lukather entwickelt)
  • 1 x 85 Humbucker
  • fertig verdrahtet
  • 5-Weg Schalter
  • 1 x Ton-, 1 x Volumeregler

This EMG SL20 Steve Lukather System is equipped with an SLV/SLV/85 pickup mix wired up with a single master volume and tone. Clean and simple. The SLV is a custom pickup designed for Steve and is available only in this "Pro Series" System, or if you buy an Ernie Ball "Luke".

The SLV is an over-wound version of our new SAV Pickup and features hidden pole pieces. The over-winding creates an even fatter tone to match up with the EMG-85 Humbucking. The SL20 also features the EMG-85 Humbucking that Steve had a hand in developing. The SL20 system is mounted on a Black Pearl pickguard with black knobs. Installing the SL20 in your instrument won't guarantee you a Grammy award, but it's a great way to get started.


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